Our team of energy professionals comes from diverse backgrounds across the entire industry. As the only Regulatory Services Provider dedicated exclusively to FERC compliance, ProComply's subject matter expertise includes the most crucial aspect of effective compliance- implementation. Our mission has always been to be our client's primary resource for ensuring that exposure to risks from non-compliance is managed in a decisive and pro-active compliance environment.

Company Profile

Our network includes attorneys, energy executives, instructional designers, former regulators and business management personnel. Combined, the depth of knowledge crosses multiple disciplines and experiential backgrounds. The result for the client is superior service because we are not limited to just legal perspectives or financial approaches. Courtroom with JudgeOur experts know how to complete the full tasks associated with compliance and verification.

ProComply has an extensive history providing services to the energy industry. Beginning in 2003, our FERC Standards of Conduct (SOC) training courses came online and were also packaged as instructor-led courses. By 2004, ProComply had developed an extensive audit and assessment program for the FERC SOC. In 2005, ProComply began offering training in FERC's Market Behavior Rules (MBRs) and in 2006, FERC's Market Manipulation Rules (MMRs) were included. To complete our value to the industry, in 2007 we began offering assessment and compliance program design and implementation services to include electric market rules as well as natural gas rules (such as capacity release and shipper-must-have-title).

Beginning in 2012, ProComply began to fulfill our electric client’s needs to comply with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Standards and Requirements. This extensive set of reliability standards as well as cyber security requirements are a daunting task for maintaining continuous compliance.

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