FERC Training Services

The first line of defense that every company facing regulatory compliance challenges is to educate the workforce about the FERC rules, the company's policies, and management's expectations related to practices to implement the company's policy objectives. By deploying a solid training program, each client company can achieve some important goals:

  1. Identifying important company procedures and practices related to compliance;
  2. Communicating to personnel how compliance teamwork functions within the organization;
  3. Demonstrating to FERC that company policies and practices are implemented at the personnel and operational levels within the company.

To view a complete listing of ProComply courses, see our Course Catalogue.

How ProComply Deploys FERC Training Programs

ProComply works collaboratively through the course development process. Each course is highly customized and specifically tailored to the unique operating environment at each client. Having over 40 active training programs being used by a variety of electric, gas and government clients, our library of issues and content is extensive and can address nearly any unique compliance challenge with any new client. The process to implement training is quite simple:

  1. ProComply delivers a Draft Course to the client that has already been adapted to the unique aspects of the company;
  2. The company circulates this draft internally and gets final content input from key sign-off personnel;
  3. ProComply tests the course and the Final Exam on the ProComply Learning Management System;
  4. Company personnel distributes a Launch Memo to all Learners;
  5. Learners take the course and print their Certificate of Completion after passing the Final Exam;
  6. Company administrators can access their Training portal to review records of all courses and Learner sessions. This documentation is required by FERC to be provided on-demand.

What You Won't Get with a ProComply Training Course

By now most industry compliance officers know very well that the use of cartoons, silly humor or esoteric terminology in regulatory training is undesirable and counter-productive. FERC takes their rules seriously and the vast majority of Learners are not attorneys and do not interface with FERC as part of their normal day-to-day duties. Customized ProComply courses permit personnel from diverse areas of company operations to achieve the goals intended by senior management. We are the only regulatory services provider that employs actual Certified Instructional Designers for our programs!

ProComply can help install our training courses on company Learning Management Systems and interface with backoffice software for tracking training records of the company personnel. Our own system is accessible by anyone with an internet connection.

Remember: If your current training program is using cartoons, limited to annual visits from an in-house counsel or an email with a Powerpoint attachment, then you are not providing adequate training to prevent violations from occurring.

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