FERC and NERC have significantly increased their regulatory footprint on energy company operations since Congress passed the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct). With recent media coverage about high-profile fines, hefty monetary assessments and other stringent enforcement activities, energy companies are developing modern, purpose-driven compliance departments that address the risk of violating FERC rules or NERC Standards. Each ProComply client has developed both policies and practices to address the challenge of this new regulatory environment.

Our services have two very specific objectives for clients to consider: reducing the likelihood of violating FERC and NERC rules and demonstrating that a "Culture of Compliance" exists within the energy company. These are crucial because FERC and NERC have made it abundantly clear through their enforcement actions, that energy company management must demonstrate a significant commitment to this "Culture".

To support those efforts, Pro-Comply has three primary services that assist energy companies to design, develop and implement a state-of-the-art compliance program:

ProComply works collaboratively with clients, including input from operations and legal/regulatory personnel, to design and distribute concise, yet highly effective courses addressing each of the FERC and NERC enforcement areas. Control RoomTraining services are available online, in CD-based packages and also in Instructor-led programs delivered at client facilities. [For more on training, visit our Training page here].
Compliance assessments, including full third-party audit services, are offered to enable clients to ascertain their compliance status with each sub-element of FERC and NERC rules. Our reports include both risk management evaluations as well as compliance recommendations based on years of developing Best Practices across the industry. We can also train our client's internal audit personnel on how to conduct annual audits. [For more on Assessments, visit our Assessments page here].
Compliance Programs
In addition to assessing compliance, ProComply has designed highly effective compliance programs, including corporate policy development and manuals/guidelines that feature implementation procedures to enable policy objectives. [For more on compliance, visit our Compliance Programs page here].

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