Course Catalogue

Our courses cover a wide range of issues and requirements for energy companies to be in compliance with FERC and NERC. Below is a current listing of courses developed by ProComply.

To see course descriptions and learning objectives, click on the course name link, if available.

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Training Courses

FERC Standards of Conduct (SOC) Training for Transmission Providers

FERC Anti-Market Manipulation Rule (MMR) Training

FERC Market Behavior Rule (MBR) Training

FERC Capacity Release Rule Training

FERC Compliance Training

FERC Familiarization Training

North America Electric Reliability Corp (NERC) Training Courses

NERC Primer for Generation and Transmission Personnel

NERC Reliability Standards Training (FERC Order 693)

NERC Security (CIP) Standards Training (FERC Order 706)

General Regulatory Training

In addition, ProComply conducts instructor-led courses onsite to assist companies with developing compliance documentation. Instructor-led courses include:

  • Writing RSAWs Do’s and Don’ts
  • Risk-based Assessment Methodology (CIP-002)
  • Calculating Facility Ratings
  • NERC Training for Management

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