White Papers / FAQs

ProComply offers several documents for downloading purposes. All are available in Adobe PDF format.

  1. Developing a FERC SOC Compliance Program (download)

  2. Top Dozen FAQs on SOC Audits, Compliance, & Monitoring (download)

  3. Complying with FERC's Market Behavior Rules: Making Sellers Responsible for the Integrity of Energy Markets (download)

  4. FERC Regulatory Management Post-EPACT: How Prepared Are You to Reduce Risk by Developing a Culture of Sustainable Compliance? (download)

  5. ProComply Regulatory Advisory: FERC Order No. 712: Natural Gas Capacity Release Rules Overhauled by FERC (download)

  6. Summary of FERC Revised Policy Statement on Penalty Guidelines issued September 17, 2010 (download)

  7. Summary of FERC Annual Report on Enforcement issued November 17, 2011 (download)

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